Cystolib Nutra

Supports ovarian health
Pack of 30 tablets

CYSTOLIB NUTRA is an ideal dietary supplement recommended for Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). CYSTOLIB NUTRA has a synergistic approach that combines the goodness of phytomedicines and essential micro-nutrients to offer benefits of insulin sensitiser (making your body more sensitive to insulin), ovulation regulator and nutraceuticals for overall well-being.

CYSTOLIB NUTRA is a supplement to reduce the severity of PCOS symptoms. Herbal ingredients Aloe vera and Cinnamon help to restore hormonal balance, improve the function of ovaries and thereby regulate the menstrual cycle. The essential nutrients like zinc, manganese, chromium inhibit inflammation and improve insulin uptake in the cells.

CYSTOLIB NUTRA is an adjuvant supplement which can be recommended along with conventional therapy available for PCOS to support overall health.



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