With over six decades of cutting-edge experience, Charak Pharma is today one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of nature-based wellness and healthcare products. Every Charak product conforms to the highest accepted standards for purity and quality and comes to you only after its safety and efficacy are proven through stringent clinical trials.

Charak Pharma brings to you wellness through a wide range of products in segments like women’s health, men’s health, children’s health, immune health, urology, digestive & derma care, and for major lifestyle illnesses like diabetes, obesity, arthritis and chronic pain.



Charak takes pride in introducing moha: a range of herbal skin care products, enriched with natural, skin-friendly herbal actives. Be it the careful selection of ingredients, the meticulous blending of specific herbal actives or the scrupulous adherence to the highest quality standards, moha: products are designed to produce immediate and lasting results.

Now you can effectively combat the dangers of environmental pollution and a stressful lifestyle, restoring the body’s natural radiance with skin care and hair care range of moha:.


Charak’s nutraceutical range harnesses the synergistic benefit of phytomedicines and essential vitamins & minerals for specific health conditions. Nutraceutical support for major lifestyle disorders reduces the risk of developing associated complications and thereby improves the quality of life to induce the feeling of well-being.