Ancient Wisdom with Modern Insights

Ancient Wisdom with Modern Insights Welcome!! To our blog page exclusively for Ayurvedic students. Ayurveda is a vast subject to study. You will find yourself introduced to many new concepts, principles, and thoughts during your Ayurvedic course. Sometimes it [...]

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Sugar getting bigger

Sugar getting bigger Tone down with ginger Ginger could help diabetic patients to control their sugar level in the blood, according to a new research. Scientists at the University of Sydney investigated the active components of the rhizome of [...]

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Amazing facts for health and wellness

Cranberry Juice a Natural Antioxidant Cranberries are at the top of the healthy food list due to their high nutrient and antioxidant content. The health benefits of consuming cranberries include lowered risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs), prevention of [...]

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Tips for Oral health

Care for Oral Hygiene Brush at least twice a day. Brushing removes plaque, a film of bacteria that clings to teeth. When bacteria in plaque come into contact with food, they produce acids. These acids lead to cavities. Floss [...]

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Diabetes Cause Deaths

Diabetes Cause Deaths Diabetes…necessitate immediate action! Diabetes caused 5.1 million deaths in 2013; Every six seconds a person dies from diabetes. Diabetes Statistics Prediction Diabetes…necessitate immediate action! 382 million people have diabetes; by 2035 this will rise to 592 [...]

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Early Menopause Risk in Women

Early Menopause Risk in Women Heart disease in women is the leading cause of death in women after menopause. The study has found that women who underwent early menopause were about twice as likely to eventually have coronary artery [...]

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Limited caffeine consumption

Limited caffeine consumption Caffeine is a diuretic (promotes the production of urine) and a bladder stimulant that can cause a sudden need to urinate. It is best to decrease or eliminate caffeinated beverages. Remember, each [...]

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Beauty Secret of Sleeping

Beauty Secret of Sleeping Hectic work schedules often keep us away from spending time nurturing skin. But it’s easy to do it at home by simply getting proper beauty sleep. Sleep affects physical and mental well-being. Sleep allows body [...]

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Dehydration Cure in This Summer

Dehydration Cure in This Summer Summer take a heavy toll on body, with high humidity people sweat a lot and become dehydrated. Let’s re hydrate in a healthiest way. Drink fluid, especially water, throughout the day and not the [...]

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