5 ways to keep SUMMER itch at bay!

Is your summer fun ruined because you are found to spend more time scratching rather than with your loved ones? Have you requested your child to provide helping hand in scratching or have you purchased a special device to [...]

winter care cream

Winter Care for Your Skin

Dry skin can be troublesome throughout the year, but in winters it can become truly problematic. As the temperature slowly starts to fall, so does the moisture content in the skin. The skin on your face starts to feel [...]

Enjoy a skin friendly summer

Enjoy a skin friendly summer Summer is here. So is summer fashion. But before you sport them, learn how to take care of your skin when the sun shines bright. Summers are the worst time of the year when you [...]

Skin Care Tips for Safe HOLI!

Skin Care Tips for Safe HOLI! Holi is the most favourite colourful festival in our country, but it leaves behind the harsh after-effect due to use of synthetic chemicals and metallic colours. Enjoy your Holi with these easy precautions [...]

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