7 Simple and Safe Ways to Deal with Sore Throat

There’s something stuck in my throat and it is making my life miserable!  This is the feeling that many with sore throat experience. Sore throat pain can be unbearable. Apart from pain, difficulty in swallowing, talking, hoarse or muffled [...]


Diet to Manage Psoriasis Successfully

Scratch! Scratch! and Scratch! Those suffering from psoriasis are very much familiar with the word “scratch”. Psoriasis is one of the common skin disorders affecting both men and women equally. It is an unpleasant skin condition that affects about 2% [...]


Correct Your Body Posture to Prevent Back Pain

Does your stinging back pain worsen after prolonged sitting or standing or causing you difficulty to walk, bend, sleep and move round? Is this cruciating pain greatly affecting your everyday activities? Back pain is the one of the most [...]


Natural Ways to Prevent & Treat Osteoarthritis Pain

Osteoarthritis is becoming an increasingly common problem and health experts warn that this condition has reached epidemic proportions. In fact, they say that osteoarthritis is the principal diagnosis for 90% of knee surgeries and 50%of hip replacement hospitalizations. There [...]


Best Natural Ways to Manage Hives

Is your skin prone to irritation? Does it develop an unnatural form of raised red itchy bumps? Have you ever wondered what this might be? Hives, medically termed as urticaria, is a form of skin reaction that develops on [...]

Foods for Immunity

Are you worried of flu, infections or frequent illnesses? Are you concerned about your family’s health and looking for ways to boost their immunity? Then ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Yes! The universal answer [...]

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