Overweight? Lose weight naturally!

Do you know that someone who weighs at least 20 % more than the ideal weight is classified as overweight, and will die, on average, ten years earlier than someone of healthy weight. Obesity doubles your risk of dying [...]


Foods that help fight chronic lower back pain

Chronic pain in the lower back can be caused due to many reasons like a sudden injury to the muscles and ligaments supporting the back, attaining a wrong posture, lifting up heavy weights, performing exercises wrongly, adopting a faulty lifestyle [...]


De-Stress Yourself with Yoga and Herbs

Making decisions, relationship issues, financial insecurities, pending bills, sleepless night, meeting deadlines, travelling through the heavy traffic and the other infinite stressful tasks build up lot of pressure on our mind and health.  In today’s modernized world, where stress [...]


7 Tips to Restore Kidney’s Health

Do you find it disturbing when your housekeeper or maid takes an unexpected leave? Accumulation of waste or mess in the house further adds to your worries. Likewise, your body too is under tremendous pressure when the kidneys go [...]

ibs treatment

6 Effective Remedies to Cope with IBS

IBS: Knock! Knock! This is IBS. Let me in. Patient: But, I am off to work IBS: Aww can’t help! You have to spend time with me. Come let’s go to the bath-ROOM Patient: Damn! Not again. Irritable bowel [...]

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