Limited caffeine consumption

Limited caffeine consumption Caffeine is a diuretic (promotes the production of urine) and a bladder stimulant that can cause a sudden need to urinate. It is best to decrease or eliminate caffeinated beverages. Remember, each cup of caffeinated beverage [...]

Almonds – Rich source of Vitamin E

Almonds – Rich source of Vitamin E It has been found that Vitamin E plays a great role in memory. Elderly people with high vitamin E levels are less likely to suffer from memory disorders than those having lower [...]

Beauty Secret of Sleeping

Beauty Secret of Sleeping Hectic work schedules often keep us away from spending time nurturing skin. But it’s easy to do it at home by simply getting proper beauty sleep. Sleep affects physical and mental well-being. Sleep allows body [...]

Dehydration Cure in This Summer

Dehydration Cure in This Summer Summer take a heavy toll on body, with high humidity people sweat a lot and become dehydrated. Let’s re hydrate in a healthiest way. Drink fluid, especially water, throughout the day and not the [...]

Find out if you are obese?

Overweight and obesity ranges are determined by using your weight and height to calculate a number called your “Body Mass Index” A person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of his height in meters (kg/m2). BMI= Weight (Kg) [...]

No More Hair Problems

No More Hair Problems Hair is considered to be one of the beautiful assets. Baldness or hair loss may seem like something only adults need to worry about. But a latest national survey, conducted in Ireland about the level [...]

ADHD occurs in adults as well

ADHD occurs in adults as well The phrase “attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),” typically conjures up the image of a hyperactive, underweight boy. Rarely is the first thought of an obese adult; such an image seems counterintuitive, even among physicians. Yet [...]

Forty Plus With Fatty Liver?

Forty plus with fatty liver? Cytozen is what you need! Fat at forty. That’s bad news for one and all, especially for the fair Sex. The problem is that the liver can very easily accumulate fat and head for [...]

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