Is Exam Stress Stressing Your Gut?

Are you overstressed during exams? Are you finding sticky mucus in stool? Are you spending more time in toilet than in study? Does your belly feel pain and cramps before exam? Do you look for toilets before you go [...]


Herbal Way to Manage Exam Stress

Do you feel anxious during your exam days? Do you suffer from exam stress? Is your heart is beating like anything during exam? Is exam stress a cause of your poor performance in study? Are you looking for herbal [...]


Herbal Therapy in Period Pain Management

What are menstrual cramps? Period pain or menstrual cramps is a pain in woman’s lower abdomen, which occurs during her menstrual cycle, and may last for 2-3 days. Period pain can be dull or sharp or throbbing. Symptoms differ [...]


9 Key Tips to Beat Exam Stress

The exam stress can have repercussions which can range from dropping out of college to suicide. Every hour, one student commits suicide in India, according to 2015 data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). In 2015, the number [...]

Why UTI is more common in the summer_1162x452

Why UTI is More Common in the Summer?

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are one of the most common infections among individuals, especially women. Approximately 40 percent of women and 12 percent of men will experience at least one symptomatic urinary tract infection during their lifetime. Symptoms of [...]

What causes kidney stones_1162x452

What Causes Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones is a condition where the minerals and other elements that are found in the urine harden into a stone. The stone typically forms in the kidney and causes pain as it passes down the tubes (ureters) connecting [...]


Natural Remedies For Bloating

You are probably aware of that feeling when your pants may seem a little tight, you may feel heaviness in your stomach, there can be some amount of puffiness, and yes, it means you are bloated.  And let’s not [...]

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